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Key Control

Your Employee Asset Management Solution - Only $99 for a 3 user license

Keep ALL your assets under control. It's not just for keys. With Key Control, you can easily assign assets to your employees and track them a variety of ways. Track employee's laptops, keys, credit cards and more!

Product Highlights
  • Keep track of any items you give your employees, such as 

    - ID Cards

    - Cell Phones

    - Cars / Parts

    - Office Keys

    - Company Laptops

    - Heavy Duty Equipment

    - Beepers

    - Credit Cards

    - Tools

    Or any assets assigned to employees


  • Easily check out/check in assets

  • Track assets in a variety of ways

  • Import/Export Data

  • Generate a variety of reports

  • Print customized receipts for assets assigned

  • Save reports as .TXT, .HTML, or .PDF files

  • Works with Windows XP or higher

"Any operation that needs accurate, efficient and user friendly control of small to large numbers of assets should investigate the capabilities of Key Control from Castle Computer." - a satisfied user

3 user license only $99

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