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Will You Marry Me? Wedding Planner

Will You Marry Me? is a web based app.  It works with PC, Mac and on your mobile device.

Will You Marry Me? keeps all your guest information in 1 safe place. Keep track of your guest's name, address, number of adults and number of children, etc. Keep a list of guests who need transportation and guest who will receive a giveaway. You can also keep detailed notes about each guest.

Track RSVPs for multiple events

Planning your tables has never been easier with
Will You Marry Me?! Simply highlight your guest and assign them a table number. You can even take a family and seat them at different tables. Want to seat the children at a different table from the adults or seat the women and men at different tables? No problem. With Will You Marry Me?, it is a snap.

You can print mailing labels, envelopes and table places directly from our software. You can also send data to Microsoft Word and select an Avery Label to print.


Export your data to Word or Excel.


1 Year Access Only $39.99

Unlimited Access Only $59.99

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